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Social capital

  • less than 10
Yelpidifor «YY» Yascheritsyn
10 September 1973
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nosweetMarried (since 2001). infant_gregoryHappily (since 2002). In operational risk management (since 2003).

No kidding (ever since).
and-there-ain't-no-fountain-of-youth, baldur's gate, balls of steel, before-shit-hits-the-fan, blame canada, champion on three, fun vs money, getting rid of dumbholes, helmet to helmet, it was the one-armed-man, line of scrimmage, man-you-suck-but-your-mama-sweet, managing professional service firm, no life 'til gridiron, nobody's perfect, not being the second, offensive line, old school, pratice what you preach, quit smoking, ready-set-hut!, true professionalism


армия, город, история, криминал, образование, общество, политика, происшествия, работа, религия, финансы, знаменитости, игры, искусство, кино, литература, музыка, спорт, фантастика, еда, путешествия, медицина, здоровье, дача, дети, it, компьютеры, наука, россия, 18+, отношения, юмор, отзывы, лытдыбр, экономика, транспорт, напитки, праздники, рыбалка

Social capital

  • less than 10